Dinopium is the Psychedelic straight line of tape art

How nice and beautiful it is that in the tape art we all have a place, all the styles. And you do not need to ask Dinopium.

He arrived to tape art in 2015, when the art was already consolidated, but far from sustituible, or think that everything was done, he chose his own style, and has been faithful to him. To us it seems original and fun, that it is why we have called him and we have chosen for this post and part of  Tape Art Society.

What do you think about “psychedelia rectilinear”? It is just like that. And if not, think for yourself and try to define such a line, both colour intermingled and at the same time so ordered. Visual games, that is, so Dinopium. “Dino” works as a lighting technician in concerts and in the free times began to play with that in hand, the ribbon colour that is used in the productions. So, with this simple gesture, it all began. He is very humble and tells us that has still not defined his style… well, as we might have jump ahead. He likes neon-tape and has a dream and it is to create a stage with tape, it can be wonderful, keep high hopes as we are waiting for you.

Something with which we have felt very identified with Dinopium is when we speak of the connection he feels when working the tape art and that serves as a meditation for the mind. We have commented on a number of occasions this “spiritual” part of tape art and we love to know what you feel. You get to work, and evades yourself, you concentrate and you forget everything, noise, time, problems… there is only tape art.

Are you ready to Dinopium? Yes? well open your mind and enjoy this rectilinear psychedelia… a delight for the eyes and a key for evasion.

The new favourite subject at school is called tape art

It is not surprising that tape art has finally… invaded schools!

What began as a marginal art, street art in spaces reserved for the grafters, wasteland, solar, etc. which later became the interiors of houses or galleries and later adopted brands for decorations in spots, fairs, events, etc. Well one day made the leap to the schools, starting with the design that they wanted to know what tape art was and how one could become a tape artist and apply this new technique to their designs and decorations.

But when these teachers in schools saw on the internet and social networks tape art, those more innovative teachers, thought that the craft classes could be something as simple and fun. This is when tape art came to schools, colleges and the younger, without doubt the most talented.

In the hand something as simple as a tape of colours and the head full, full of wonderful ideas, so the younger begun to experiment and create with tape art. And because it works as simple didactic and with great results, for the simple reason that in tape art errors are not penalized, if you make a mistake, you only need to lift the tape again and rectify. It is a very accessible technique, which gives mental freedom and creative and makes the tape art a fun and playful activity, but at the same time, therapeutic and 100% schoolable.

So welcome tape art to the classroom and bravo for these teachers who are already starting to introduce it successfully, you only need to see the faces of joy of all:





Depply is Dave Eppley the tape artist who comes from the vinyl.

Give Me a D, Give an A, give me a V, give me an E…. DAAAAAAAVE!!!

Here we are since we discover him and for sure this is what hundreds of children will sing when they come from their schools for the next intervention of Dave Eppley this month of November. Is your next work and confessed to us that, today is excited and it is his dream project. He is going to fill with tape the façade of a building, the Des Moines Art Center. We will keep you informed and in the meantime, let’s get to know him a little bit more!



Depply arrived in the world of the tape art after working for a company of posters, he fell in love with the vinyl for signalling and began to use it immediately in his work of art. He defines his tape art installations like improvisation, that is the way of tape art and Street art and in many cases it is centred in the specific installation of a space. That is noticed. The concept that we like is the “Geometric Abstraction”.

For Depply tape art is “electric painting” and the artists that have most influenced his career as a tape artist are Held, Pollock, Jessica Stockholder, Barnet Newman, Gene Davis and Sol Lewitt.

Finally, we asked him how he imagines the future and the evolution of tape art in the world and answers with an “I’m excited to see what happens with the tape as an art form. I think it has a lot of possibilities, especially when combined with digital signalling technology, tape, paint and other current electrical tape,” sounds very well all of these combinations and the future that we are heralding.

And now, all together… Give Me a D…, give me an…

New York City

KUPFNER deconstructs pop culture with tape art

With coloured adhesive tape as the single ingredient, Evi Kupfer, represents and reproduces urban images in a compact and colourful form. We met her as Nuremberg’s representative, Germany, in the Tape Artists Convention that was held this year in Berlin and we got stuck on her because she emanates a different “something” that really stands out, it’s surely her eclecticism. And if not, make your own opinion. Look at her work and recognize that she is special and inspiring.

The artist deconstructs like only she cans the reasons of pop culture and compacts monuments from her own perception, subjecting them to the logic of adhesive tape. Interconnected and interwoven layers that are mixed, it is the mark of the house of the artist. Kupfner constantly plays with a realism that seems to have come to a standstill in all her compositions. Monster cities, we love the concept, all lit, reveal in different sequences the history of urban commercial spaces.

Colours and overlapping tapes. New techniques and scenarios. Evi Kupfer shows us once again that tape art is a young art which in many respects has much to explore. We follow your steps because we like what you do Evi.


We follow his path since 2015 when he coloured with red tape a large area on a 70 meter long bridge, surprising us all. We spotted him the same way he did with tape art. That was his first intervention as “Margalef”. Instead of using graffiti he was seduced by this ephemeral art, durable and practical, and acknowledges that it was a good choice. After this powerful visual intervention he began searching for references and to look especially on the technique, to learn the tricks and the possibilities offered by tape art. What was his surprise to learn that in Berlin it was already a well-established art, and so he continued by consulting marks and references through us… the Tape Art Society. Very good choice Margalef!

His works focus on the intervention of spaces to give them a new temporary nature. Adopts basic and universal patterns, and applies them according to the context or the support where the tape will be applied, which is really what defines the final shape and the extension of the work.

One of the things that Margalef likes more about tape art is that it does not require other treatments or tools, “just apply and you have it. Oh, and you can always rectify easily! In addition, anyone can help you, since it does not require a special artistic ability, just being careful and trust in what you are doing”

And like many of us, he likes tape art because it allows him to perform in the urban space without any hindrance or limitation, in an honest fashion and proving that you can do things without damaging the environment. He confesses to us that “results are always satisfactory; and every time there is more awareness and interest in this technique and it is even valued working it at the educational level for the little ones”.

Without a doubt a great tape artist who is going to give us a lot to talk about. Thanks Margalef, for making part of the TAPE ART SOCIETY.


We have known about TAPE OVER since LaMia and Rob founded it 6 years ago. During this time they have been developing exponentially their interventions and with them, the team has been growing. More than a team, a super artist team, most of them multidisciplinary and with their own artistic profiles but united by a passion, tape art.

Today we salute Mr. Galle who, as he defines himself, has a somewhat complex tape art style, abstract, geometric, surreal and with perspective… no more and no less! Influences and inspirations always come from music, graffiti and fonts. He does not want to reveal for the time being that dream-work we all have because for sure he wants to surprise us shortly.

Mr. Galle arrived to tape art in 2008 as almost everyone, by chance, playing with adhesive tape applied directly to the body of his companions while sailing and realizing that when removed the drawings appeared on the pale and tanned skin. This made him think and the following was already a tape art creation… Amazing!

Mr. Galle likes tape for many reasons… Shall we start?: Because he likes to work with straight lines; because adhesive tape offers many options that suit his style, because it is part of a fresh team (TAPE OVER) and because he also travels and visits new places. They seem to us to be enough reasons not to get away from tape art.

And we leave you with a sample of his work. See you soon Mr Galle!

Long live (and long tape strips for) Tape work!

“The tape works are innovative and progressive and that is necessary in the world in which we live today, because we all know the world changes every day”.

We already commented a few weeks ago that we had them in our radar screen. They are relatively new in tape art, and that is precisely why they have that freshness and the push of the one that starts something he likes and does it with intelligence and passion.  Tape Works are the two young tape artists, Ryan and Lylouh that from their design studio, and now tape art, in Breda – Holland – gracefully replied to our questions and here we transcribe the interview:

Ryan, Lylouh, when was your passion for tape art born?

Our passion for tape art was born on the summer of 2014. That summer we had plenty of free time to experiment with tape graphics. We saw different examples made with tape and then asked ourselves if it was possible to make a mural just with adhesive tape. So we tried and it worked perfectly! We have had a very rapid progression and in three years we have made another 23 interventions.

And who are your influencers?

We get inspiration from different environments, cultures and persons. We love the work from Aaron De La Cruz, Felipe Pantone, Shok-1 and ROA. We like to visit museums, theatres and expositions, in particular of contemporary art, it is an inspiring activity. Tape That and Tape Over are some boys for which we follow every step they take.  They make an incredible work!

 How would you define your style?

Tape Works is in the majority contrast, geometrics and minimalism. In almost every one of our graphics you can see a recurring pattern. We believe that the tape stands out better when tape and background benefit from each other. In this way the emphasis is in the tape and background graphic art.

 Why choose adhesive tape instead of other kind of materials?

We chose the tape because it is easy to use and remove. It can be temporary or permanent, that option depends on each one. Each person creates his own vision about our ape works, some think it is not finished and await another step, like for instance paint over it. Nevertheless, others share our same vision about the graphic. The tape works are innovative and progressive and that is necessary in the world in which we live today, because we all know the world changes every day.

What do you think is the evolution of tape art?

Tape art is an innovative world and not well known. That allows for a lot of room for creativity and new ideas. People see the possibilities that it has and use them to create new installations. We do the same at Tape Works using just tape to forge the art.

And lastly, what is your dream tape art installation?

Our dream is making a tape exhibition in an empty house where a story can be followed as we walk and explore the house, all along with the tape. In this way, people can see different ways of using the adhesive tape, for example, emphasizing something else, and guiding people through the building in a subtle way or standing out the tape as such to call the attention on the graphic tape art.

Many thanks!! And with this we say goodbye.

Long live (and long tape strips for) Tape work!

REMARK: If you take a look at his pampered Instagram profile, you will see that when they develop their works of art, they always do it starting from a concept. That internal part of the work of art, is expressed with short and intelligent phrases that define the intervention in a poetic fashion. This provides them an added value that shows the caring with which they do tape art.


Chapeau Pauline!

If you live in Paris and are an artist, you now have a source of inspiration. Or at least that confesses the tape artist Pauline Fillioux pointing out “I draw my inspiration that is my environment (Paris is the most beautiful city in the world!), my every day live, the people that surround me and above all I find inspiration in music. The talented artists (musicians, painters, actors, etc.) fascinate me and greatly inspire me.”

Today she wants to share with us six beautiful works of art. In the two first she still works with packing tape, the one she has used since her beginnings. She is got a series of works about the body: nudes, dancers, etc. and as mentioned previously, in another work she represents Paris in the 1925’s.

For the next series she works mainly on portraits. This work is very different because of the opacity of the supporting material used for the work (Plexiglas or Forex) but we find the idea of dynamism through the insulating tape, her new ally that enters in the work of art like sun rays illuminating and providing colour to the faces. It is impressive to see how such an industrial and ordinary material allows to make such delicate, colourful and modern works of art.

Once again, we take off our hat for this beautiful and prolific artist, we can only say: Chapeu Pauline!

The new tape art talents, sticking (tape) out strongly

When over 11 years ago we started the TAPE ART SOCIETY adventure, it was really complicated finding works of tape art around the world. Those that today are recognized tape artists, or the works of art that you are tired of seeing on Pinterest, are the few that those days shared on their networks and the ones we used to start spreading tape art. Today, luckily, there are thousands of followers around the world.

In the next posts, we will try to present the novelties and new talents that are sprouting all around. For instance, Tape Works are two young tape artists, Ryan and Lulouh, which from Breda, Holland, create their works, adding a narrative content and intelligent phrases that define them completely. Mr. Galle is one of the 8 components of the Tape Over crew. We already know them and we follow them since several years because we love their work and we follow Mr. Galle intensely from now on because his individual works overly excel. We will also get to know Alex Dorici; this Italian from Lugano uses for his installations not just every day materials that we throw every day to the waste (paper, cardboard, aluminium, etc.), but also other more valuable materials used in the industry like adhesive tape, amongst many others. We like his profile and portfolio and thus we consider that his work deserves to be known.

Be on the lookout for the next tape-news…


Igor Eskinja, tape art that emerges from beautiful simplicity

In tape art, the proverbial less is more gets accomplished. And here comes the Croatian Igor Eskinja to prove it. In its myriad of impeccable works with visual and perspective and going through different techniques and disciplines, Igor dives into tape art without making a big fuss, but producing unique waves. There is, right now, the key.

Through a language, that in some cases can seem even Naïf, Igor Eskinja transmits with tape art everyday objects reflected in themselves. With simple lines, that is what tape art is, and with basic colours and monochrome most of the time, surprises us with his boxes, lampposts, houses and fans. He can produce in you a feeling of “so I can do that” and sure that he would love that, just like us. Nothing and no one stands between you and tape art’s tape and Igor has taken it in charge to explain it better than anyone else playing with them in space through two-dimensional metaphors. Today we applaud the simplicity and provocation. Today we applaud that many artists approach tape art to experiment, to try the subtlety of the tapes and obviously, being trapped, like us, once and for all. Ladies and gentlemen, with you Igor Eskinja.