Colectivo TAV is today the most consolidated and outstanding group of tape artists in Spain. Since its foundation back in 2011, they have made arround thirty interventions of which we’ve been faithful followers.

This year that we closed, has been, in his own words, “a year of transition and transformation”. Its components (Álvaro, Nadia and Jose Miguel) have almost as a founding principle of the collective not only to surprise us with their creations, but also to innovate in each of them, that’s why it’s difficult to catalog or see them repeat style and format. It ‘s true that phosphorescent colors and figures or geometric lines have been one of the “brands of the house”, but after meeting MIARCO, the company of adhesive solutions, valencian like them, has made them enter a new palette of colors and range of tapes.

This December they have finished it in the best possible way, doing a lot of tape!. They’ve congratulated everyone on Christmas with this amazing XXXL card on the facade of the offices of MIARCO. With gold and plant bimetallic ribbons, also called scarecrows, they have made their second aerial intervention, in this case to decorate the facade of one of the most well-known neighborhoods of the city of Valencia.

And Colectivo TAV is also known for its commitment to the dissemination of tape art. Today they are doing a report for the best known local TV, they will say goodbye to us the year talking about tape art on the radio and in January they will meet us in a well known bar in the city to talk about tape art and perform a live installation.

And you already have a project for the year that we starts? “Of course! – they tell us – we will surprise everyone again by entering a Museum of the city, elevating the art to the category it deserves … a work of art. ”

We will be attentive … you know we are alwais after you, Colectivo TAV.