If you are reading this is because you like tape art as much as we do. Tape Art Society is a community and as such we share the work, we learn from each other and day by day we make this Street art modality more recognized in the whole world.

We are the showcase for the wonderful works that you, artists and fans of tape art, send us. Well, today we want to stop at Darel Carey. Why? Because it has been very curious, since you have sent us and shared this video in which through the time lapse shows us with only a black adhesive tape and a lot of talent, you can decorate and create something so beautiful: https: // goo.gl/FsqmzY

But we’re not going to stay here obviously. We want to tell you more about him and show you other jobs … if not … it would not be us. This caribbean boy was born on the island of Curaçao is half Filipino and half Irish. Recently we talked about him because his peculiar way of understanding the tape art has taken him in a few years to the highlights and spread in the networks. He started as an illustrator and the straight line has always been his baton of command. He began with an installation of geometric shapes of colors getting an optical illusion that he was passionate about. And so, unwittingly, he began to define his own style that attracts us so much.

And we can´t say goodbye without say thank you to all for the works you share with us, we have become the most important tape art community in the world for this.

Long live the tape art!