How nice and beautiful it is that in the tape art we all have a place, all the styles. And you do not need to ask Dinopium.

He arrived to tape art in 2015, when the art was already consolidated, but far from sustituible, or think that everything was done, he chose his own style, and has been faithful to him. To us it seems original and fun, that it is why we have called him and we have chosen for this post and part of  Tape Art Society.

What do you think about “psychedelia rectilinear”? It is just like that. And if not, think for yourself and try to define such a line, both colour intermingled and at the same time so ordered. Visual games, that is, so Dinopium. “Dino” works as a lighting technician in concerts and in the free times began to play with that in hand, the ribbon colour that is used in the productions. So, with this simple gesture, it all began. He is very humble and tells us that has still not defined his style… well, as we might have jump ahead. He likes neon-tape and has a dream and it is to create a stage with tape, it can be wonderful, keep high hopes as we are waiting for you.

Something with which we have felt very identified with Dinopium is when we speak of the connection he feels when working the tape art and that serves as a meditation for the mind. We have commented on a number of occasions this “spiritual” part of tape art and we love to know what you feel. You get to work, and evades yourself, you concentrate and you forget everything, noise, time, problems… there is only tape art.

Are you ready to Dinopium? Yes? well open your mind and enjoy this rectilinear psychedelia… a delight for the eyes and a key for evasion.