For this page and in our social networks, as you already know if you follow us, and we know that yes, this year we have share some amazing jobs and incredible tapes artists.

We don’t want to let another day go by without reviewing them and thanking everyone for their great work because from time to time it is good to stop and see where we are and where we are going. Tape art grows in the world day by day and we do this among all of us.

These are the 10 friends tape artists that has joined us:

  1. Motorefisico and the beauty of a simple geometry

2.- Gesa Salget, a nice story and many rolls of tape

3.- Dinopium is the psychedelic straight line of the tape art

4.- Depply is Dave Eppley the tape artist who comes form the vinyl

5.- Kupfner deconstructs  pop culture with tape-art

6.- Margalef cannot stop tapearting, just can’t!

7.- Mr Galle.  Tape Over crew grows.

8.- Long life (and long tape strips) for Tape Works!

9.-Igor Eskinja, tape art that emerges from beautiful simplicity

10.- The unforeseen geometry of Daniel Pardini