When tape art becomes a tool for education, training and personal growth through manual and team work, it takes on a new dimension. This is how we live in the first person thanks to the students from a school near Valencia and we remember it as an enriching experience for all parts. The session began, as in many occasions, with a master class in which they’re taught what’s the tape art and presented the best works, not only ours, from the ColectivoTAV, even  the best ones in the world, that all are in the Tape Art Society website.

The teachers, a very important part of the process, were the ones that the previous weeks were training the students so that they knew what they were going to live and so that they began to draw what would later become the designs of tape art.

And when the time came, with the geometrical animals chosen, all that remained was to choose the favorite MIARCO tapes to do the work. We use the fluorine-colored tapes, something that can’t be missing in Colectivo TAV, the intense and very valencian blue of the masking tape and finally the red american tape for bricolage.

In just one morning the 6 drawings were developed, one by one, with a lot of love and respect.

They are the new quarry of tape artists, they are the future and the result is obvious:

Thank you all for your participation and for loving the tape art as we do.