We started this tape-year with Alex Dorici, an artist who already captivated us and we promised you that we would tell you something else about him a his work.

Alex is another artist who started using adhesive tapes little by little until the tape art completely enveloped him. Actually, he says, “it’s a material that I’ve always used for all my artistic work, both pictorial and for installations, both urban and private.” He started working and experimenting with the film in 2005, thirteen years later he recognizes, like us, that he sees things that are increasingly spectacular. This is the tape art, which never ceases to amaze us.

For Alex, the tape art is a way of interacting with the architectural and public space by playing with objects, angles and urban furniture present in everyday life. And what he likes the most is the simplicity of the medium, its expressive immediacy and the fact that it’s a very common material.

In his work he uses different types of materials, such as paper, cardboard, rope, ribbon, tennis balls, ceramic tiles, etc … often industrial materials, with all of them he always develops the same stylistic thinking, or tries to transform the visual perception of space through the use of those materials. “The fact of working with the tape arises from the need to transport my way of working in pictorial research to transfer it to the streets and the urban space”.

This is Alex Dorici and this is his work, that you enjoy it.