It has always been known that an artist who hides his face enhances that halo of mystery that surrounds him. It is inversely proportional. From graffiti artists such as Banksy to musicians such as Daf Punk, Sia or Gorillaz up to our friend tape artist Max Zorn all of them for this reason, or because they simply are highly qualified, stand out above average. The tightening of the bolts comes when you like them so much that you don’t really want to know what face they’ll have.

Maybe that deification conferred or that platonic and idyllic image that we have in mind will collapse in tenths of a second. The tape artist Max Zorn has always been characterized by being simple – use only tape- and very much down to earth – uses light out of street lamps. A few days ago made a face-to-face interview. It was a video issued by a famous UK television channel where I discovered, as has been done on a few occasions, something more than his face. Providing clues to his art, how he handles in this thing called tape art.

When we were about to echo this news, to our surprise we found that “The artist had removed this video”.  Nervermind, we will continue trying. In the mean time we will leave you with this great video where he shows a “making of”, a timelapse mode, and just work in progress. To this day we are still surprised by this virtuoso of tape art that runs as fast and as well the cutter and brown tape, but doing it, does so from many years ago, and he does it very well. Sure it was nice to see how this boy properly covered textbooks. Here, for all of you Mister Max Zorn: