The Tape Art Convention 2018 begins

Tomorrow the third edition of #TapeArtConvention begins in Berlin. A unique exhibition in the world that brings together tape artists with very different techniques and styles and with a good international representation: Australia, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany, up to ten countries. A powerful and fresh sample of what is tape art and that is only three years has already been consolidated and have many followers and curious.

We will be keeping an eye on everything to inform you on time, but we advance that this year our well known participants are Benjamin Murphy, Buff Diss, New Zealand Tape Art, Damien Guilley, Fabifa, Lamia, and many more …

In addition to the exhibition, the Convention Tape Art focuses on the interaction of artists and visitors have prepared a series of workshops where the Tape Art Academy will teach the most important techniques and offer a wide range of work materials. The workshops are made for people who already have an artistic training or education, as well as for beginners, who want to spend a creative day in Berlin and get inspired.
We are very aware of everything and we inform you in the next post on social networks.

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Vitali Kraft comes to the world of the tape with the desire to create the greatest

Today we were lucky to receive in our editorial office the Vitali Kraft work, a german tapeartist’s with a personal style, that you will see it, in her Instagram profile (vitali_kraft) he defined as a “tape artist with a sticky attitude. a strange point of view?️” Cool!

We asked him how he came to the world of the tape art and how he defined his style and this is what she answered:

“Once I saw El Bocho on TV, i liked his work in tape art. Couple of months later in 2011 I started to try it by myself. I like popart, grafitti, constructivism. Portraits is the only thing I ever did and will be doing in my life. Thats how i define my style. First it must be fresh. Second it must be the truth. Third there are no rules allowed. so forget about the first two!”

We like his answers so much and we haven’t wanted to touch anything or reinterpret her. This is Vitali and that’s what he tells us:

“I hate to eat honey and jelly. Not because of the taste but because of the mess. The same with painting, tape is clean and it has sharp edges and much contrast. People love contrast, even if they say they dont, thrust me, they do.”

And to finish, and continue enjoying with you, tell us what is your dream in tape art, Vitali?

“Since I am practicing tape art I want to make a portrait of nike the goddess. I have drawed like 100 scetches therefore but I cant start taping. It has to be big, magnificent-big, wtf-a-mtf-monster tapeart-hiding-the-sun-big. So I better chill before starting. And when ill be ready, I let you know first.”

Didn’t you find he nice, authentic and with a lot of magic? We do, a lot and that’s why today we dedícate him this post and we pass it to the front page of our website.

A pleasure to have meet you and as you say, Vitali, we are looking forward to that “monster of tape”.

KUPFNER deconstructs pop culture with tape art

With coloured adhesive tape as the single ingredient, Evi Kupfer, represents and reproduces urban images in a compact and colourful form. We met her as Nuremberg’s representative, Germany, in the Tape Artists Convention that was held this year in Berlin and we got stuck on her because she emanates a different “something” that really stands out, it’s surely her eclecticism. And if not, make your own opinion. Look at her work and recognize that she is special and inspiring.

The artist deconstructs like only she cans the reasons of pop culture and compacts monuments from her own perception, subjecting them to the logic of adhesive tape. Interconnected and interwoven layers that are mixed, it is the mark of the house of the artist. Kupfner constantly plays with a realism that seems to have come to a standstill in all her compositions. Monster cities, we love the concept, all lit, reveal in different sequences the history of urban commercial spaces.

Colours and overlapping tapes. New techniques and scenarios. Evi Kupfer shows us once again that tape art is a young art which in many respects has much to explore. We follow your steps because we like what you do Evi.

Berlin hosts the Tape Art convention

Great news. Berlin is hosting this October and November the European Congress of tape art under the name of Tape Art Convention, a joint exhibition of well-known international artists who have made tape their main expression. For the first time an event will bring together so many talents, exhibiting the growing influence of an urban art that leaves its mark.

It will also be an opportunity to show the wide variety of styles through adhesive tape, to strengthen the ties between the community and reach a wider audience, with tapes as a flag. With the Berlin’s Neurotitan serving as stage, the program includes workshops, live tape exhibitions, creative duels between artists… and the opportunity for those who have never experienced with tape art to do so.

The participating artists will be old acquaintances of Tape Art Society, massive talents.


-BUFF DISS, Melbourne

– EVI KUPFER, Nuremberg


– JAY WALKER, Philadelphia


– MAX ZORN, Amsterdam


– TAPE THAT, Berlin