Gesa Salget, a nice story and many rolls of tape


We take a new roll of tape. We start by stretching really strong… raaaaaash!

This is how the story of all tape artist starts. This is how each piece of tape art starts. Gesa Salget began in this that unites us when she met Lamia, TapeArtist from the Berlin group TapeOver, about a year ago and today we are going to know her a little better.

Lamia was doing a project in Dortmund and Gesa joined. And as usual, at the same time learned and was hooked. Gesa’s attention was particularly drawn to the combination of TapeArt and Videomapping, so she did not think twice about it and with a friend started their own team called TurboTape3000.

She admits being influenced by many TapeArtists and other urban artists. Barely a year ago, in October 2016, she met a large number of TapeArtists in the first Tape Art Convention in Berlin. She was impressed by the diversity of techniques and styles, how different were each of the artists using the same specific material. She reminds us Theotokos, by Jay Walker, and his works with very detailed graphics and geometric shapes. In addition she loves “Deep Seas” from TapeOver.

As she makes many installations with projections, Gesa often has a very geometric and graphic style. It is inspired by the street art as well as in the urban art and often has oriental or native influence.

What do you think? You want to go know more, right?…

Well we can tell you that what Gesa likes the most of using adhesive tape is because, as she says, “you can put it everywhere and it is very resistant. And I love that you can create, destroy and recreate through your creative process without having to create a new underground each time”.

If we ask for the work that she would like to do, she has it quite clear, she would love to go inside a large empty house and fill all the walls and floors with different types of TapeArt facilities, can you imagine? What a blast! We believe Gesa, that it is the dream of any tape artist, please let us know when you decide to do it because we are going with you.

In addition to the works she does on her own, as we have told you before, Gesa is part of Collective Turbotape 3000 and gives us these links so we get to know them better:

And now is working on her own things as exhibition designer and interior designer:


We will not lose track of you. Cheers and lots of tape, Gesa!


KUPFNER deconstructs pop culture with tape art

With coloured adhesive tape as the single ingredient, Evi Kupfer, represents and reproduces urban images in a compact and colourful form. We met her as Nuremberg’s representative, Germany, in the Tape Artists Convention that was held this year in Berlin and we got stuck on her because she emanates a different “something” that really stands out, it’s surely her eclecticism. And if not, make your own opinion. Look at her work and recognize that she is special and inspiring.

The artist deconstructs like only she cans the reasons of pop culture and compacts monuments from her own perception, subjecting them to the logic of adhesive tape. Interconnected and interwoven layers that are mixed, it is the mark of the house of the artist. Kupfner constantly plays with a realism that seems to have come to a standstill in all her compositions. Monster cities, we love the concept, all lit, reveal in different sequences the history of urban commercial spaces.

Colours and overlapping tapes. New techniques and scenarios. Evi Kupfer shows us once again that tape art is a young art which in many respects has much to explore. We follow your steps because we like what you do Evi.

Berlin hosts the Tape Art convention

Great news. Berlin is hosting this October and November the European Congress of tape art under the name of Tape Art Convention, a joint exhibition of well-known international artists who have made tape their main expression. For the first time an event will bring together so many talents, exhibiting the growing influence of an urban art that leaves its mark.

It will also be an opportunity to show the wide variety of styles through adhesive tape, to strengthen the ties between the community and reach a wider audience, with tapes as a flag. With the Berlin’s Neurotitan serving as stage, the program includes workshops, live tape exhibitions, creative duels between artists… and the opportunity for those who have never experienced with tape art to do so.

The participating artists will be old acquaintances of Tape Art Society, massive talents.


-BUFF DISS, Melbourne

– EVI KUPFER, Nuremberg


– JAY WALKER, Philadelphia


– MAX ZORN, Amsterdam


– TAPE THAT, Berlin