Santiago Legnini or how to get to tape art from music.

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago appears, musician and as he says, for that reason, he covers tapeartist.


And it doesn’t take much in this, practically started a year ago by the need to generate visuals for the music band to which it belongs and after knowing through Youtube the tape mapping proposals that he was passionate about.


His style in tape art is given by his attraction for architecture and educational training, with subjects such as technical drawing, and determine the planes, perspectives and abstract geometric shapes with which he configures his work. This use of forms and its repetition in series, is what completely connects with its musical side, that is, with the generation of musical rhythms.

For Santiago “the tape is a simple way to draw straight lines on the walls and, in this way, reproduce geometric figures and perspectives on a larger scale, taking elements of traditional urban constructions as a starting point to develop my own ideas”.

Legnini is part of a collective of artists called Lxs Específicxs, where the debates and reflections that they exchange are fundamental for their own artistic and personal development. Remember the last event they organized in which a whole room intervened, which represented a great challenge to have to develop a work integrated to the existing physical space. It also has Nadia Bernardi, who in addition to being his partner, is the official photographer thanks to which we have the images that we show you.

Santiago Legnini presents the work in the Sala Limón of the Espacio Cesar Diaz in Buenos Aires.