Vitali Kraft comes to the world of the tape with the desire to create the greatest

Today we were lucky to receive in our editorial office the Vitali Kraft work, a german tapeartist’s with a personal style, that you will see it, in her Instagram profile (vitali_kraft) he defined as a “tape artist with a sticky attitude. a strange point of view?️” Cool!

We asked him how he came to the world of the tape art and how he defined his style and this is what she answered:

“Once I saw El Bocho on TV, i liked his work in tape art. Couple of months later in 2011 I started to try it by myself. I like popart, grafitti, constructivism. Portraits is the only thing I ever did and will be doing in my life. Thats how i define my style. First it must be fresh. Second it must be the truth. Third there are no rules allowed. so forget about the first two!”

We like his answers so much and we haven’t wanted to touch anything or reinterpret her. This is Vitali and that’s what he tells us:

“I hate to eat honey and jelly. Not because of the taste but because of the mess. The same with painting, tape is clean and it has sharp edges and much contrast. People love contrast, even if they say they dont, thrust me, they do.”

And to finish, and continue enjoying with you, tell us what is your dream in tape art, Vitali?

“Since I am practicing tape art I want to make a portrait of nike the goddess. I have drawed like 100 scetches therefore but I cant start taping. It has to be big, magnificent-big, wtf-a-mtf-monster tapeart-hiding-the-sun-big. So I better chill before starting. And when ill be ready, I let you know first.”

Didn’t you find he nice, authentic and with a lot of magic? We do, a lot and that’s why today we dedícate him this post and we pass it to the front page of our website.

A pleasure to have meet you and as you say, Vitali, we are looking forward to that “monster of tape”.

Menphis style in Barcelona … this can only be tape art!

Today, the TAPE ART bus stops at the Barcelona station to know more about Juan Cris. Juan is a creative graphic designer and illustrator … with everything and everything together … how will not TAPE ART come out of here?!
So it was, in this project that we presented and that we loved from the minute zero, collaborated with Soon in Tokyo Agency , and he made it at the “School of Design LCI in Barcelona”. There they captured this great, beautiful, simple and very visual work with the name of “Memphis Style”.

The Superior School of Design LCI of Barcelona inaugurated a new campus in the city of Barcelona and Juan did it with this impressive graphic work installed in its interior courtyard.

The artistic intervention is within the signage program of the building and was made, of course, with adhesive tapes of fluorine colors.

From here we congratulate Juan Cris for his work and we include him in our list of fellow cool artists.
If you want to know more about him he has many interesting jobs on his website: www.

Damien Guilley one of the best ambassadors of tape art in the world.

A few days ago we received an email from Damien telling us about his latest works and we have been hallucinating a lot, this guy does not stop!

Tape art was born in the 80s in the USA and extended to Europe at the end of the 90s, where it has consolidated, mainly in Germany and the Nordic countries. But it is true that there are many countries in the world (Brazil, India, Philippines, etc) to which it is coming thanks to the works of intrepid tape artists of those countries and thanks also to others, like Damien, who travels exporting this art with his jobs.

It’s not easy to arrive and succeed as Guilley has done in a luxury hotel in the Arab Emirates where he has decorated the hall and main rooms with a metallic tape leaving open-mouthed everyone who passes by daily.

Another of his spectacular works that shows and shares with all of us is his work at a Seattle train station. Is an unstoppable globetrotter! Do you like the streets with beautiful blues and roses and the white tape art? He’s an artist!

And finally, another intervention that we love for its color and its way of combining spaces and tapes to create these optical illusions is the work he did in Portland for an AC Hotel… as we say … this guy can’t stop!

Damien congratulations for your work and for being a great ambassador of this art arround the world.

Today I feel tape artist and I will tell you

We have asked different people how they feel after doing tape art. Surely after reading a book, take a cool drink, listen to a good song or even after allowing yourself a whim, you have, as the TV spot says, a strange feeling of coming up … because that same thing happens to all that have approached, in some way or another, to this art that catches when you start, hypnotizes when you do it and hooks you forever when you finish it.

Paula Sánchez is a lawyer and director of a cultural foundation. Her experience with the tape art was when she participated in an intervention with Colectivo TAV for a brand of liquor. Everything was orange fluorine … and it was his first time: “Tape art made me feel a little artist. We had to improvise and be creative. As a team, with imagination, a little tape and a lot of art we got it. ”


Calpurnio is a cartoonist and tells us his experience in this post that we link, but in summary, for him, the tape art came unintentionally and then recognized that each step of the process has its methodology and that this group creation has some results amazing

Alicia Cambra is Interior Designer – Graphic Creative. She is also co-founder of Colectivo TAV of Valencia, Spain. She has participated in innumerable interventions with them and reminds us of them. She tells us that “my experience with Colectivo TAV was Tape-plethoric <3 Perhaps I remember with special affection the many laughs at the team meetings where we put on the table the initial ideas of each one to originate the concept”.

Paloma Corts, DePalo, is a painter and multidisciplinary artist, for her, doing tape art has been like having some human markers since she indicated to tape artists where they should place and move the tapes, imitating the strokes that she usually makes on paper.

Montse Martínez is creative in the management and production of fashion and accessories. She has participated in several interventions with the Colectivo TAV and says that “I tend to be in almost all events, classes or exhibitions just to invite me to put some of his wonderful tapes. Stay with your friends to spend an amazing day, different, super fun and very creative where the final result is always fantastic. ”

EY! How to decorate your office with tape-art and make it a funnier and cozier place!

Tape-art is used for interior decorations on many occasions, such as houses, offices, … “Colectivo TAV” has experience with the creation of few of those projects and we are happy to introduce you the last we have been working on: simple and captivating. Give it a try and make your work place a different, personal, charming space… why not???

For the decoration of the inauguration of ESTUDIO 1909, designers have chosen the exclamation: “EY!” which seems to be painted with a giant marker, but no! They have used the yellow washi tape from MIARCO made with rice paper, very thin and resistant and it is the one that has shaped that texture. That is  great, right?

For the bottom part of the studio, they have created a specific typeface using the masking tape, or the one we like to call “the bodybuilder”, which is used for exteriors, also by MIARCO, which stands out at the back of the office in such a height situation, only for its intense blue color, but also for the way of cutting it “on air” which has given that special finishing touch in each one of the letters.

As you can see, decorating interiors with tape-art is another of the important aspects of this art, not just street art or the great works of the top tapeartists which we usually show you. And to prove it, here you can find a couple of other examples of office decorations made by Colectivo TAV.


We hope that you encourage and share your work in the networks by tagging us: Tape Art Society … we would love to spread your art!!!

Cheer up!

Sharing the tape art is to know Darel Carey

If you are reading this is because you like tape art as much as we do. Tape Art Society is a community and as such we share the work, we learn from each other and day by day we make this Street art modality more recognized in the whole world.

We are the showcase for the wonderful works that you, artists and fans of tape art, send us. Well, today we want to stop at Darel Carey. Why? Because it has been very curious, since you have sent us and shared this video in which through the time lapse shows us with only a black adhesive tape and a lot of talent, you can decorate and create something so beautiful: https: //

But we’re not going to stay here obviously. We want to tell you more about him and show you other jobs … if not … it would not be us. This caribbean boy was born on the island of Curaçao is half Filipino and half Irish. Recently we talked about him because his peculiar way of understanding the tape art has taken him in a few years to the highlights and spread in the networks. He started as an illustrator and the straight line has always been his baton of command. He began with an installation of geometric shapes of colors getting an optical illusion that he was passionate about. And so, unwittingly, he began to define his own style that attracts us so much.

And we can´t say goodbye without say thank you to all for the works you share with us, we have become the most important tape art community in the world for this.

Long live the tape art!

The top ten of new tape artists in Tape Art Society 2017

For this page and in our social networks, as you already know if you follow us, and we know that yes, this year we have share some amazing jobs and incredible tapes artists.

We don’t want to let another day go by without reviewing them and thanking everyone for their great work because from time to time it is good to stop and see where we are and where we are going. Tape art grows in the world day by day and we do this among all of us.

These are the 10 friends tape artists that has joined us:

  1. Motorefisico and the beauty of a simple geometry

2.- Gesa Salget, a nice story and many rolls of tape

3.- Dinopium is the psychedelic straight line of the tape art

4.- Depply is Dave Eppley the tape artist who comes form the vinyl

5.- Kupfner deconstructs  pop culture with tape-art

6.- Margalef cannot stop tapearting, just can’t!

7.- Mr Galle.  Tape Over crew grows.

8.- Long life (and long tape strips) for Tape Works!

9.-Igor Eskinja, tape art that emerges from beautiful simplicity

10.- The unforeseen geometry of Daniel Pardini

Hello 2018! Hello Alex Dorici!

We started this tape-year with Alex Dorici, an artist who already captivated us and we promised you that we would tell you something else about him a his work.

Alex is another artist who started using adhesive tapes little by little until the tape art completely enveloped him. Actually, he says, “it’s a material that I’ve always used for all my artistic work, both pictorial and for installations, both urban and private.” He started working and experimenting with the film in 2005, thirteen years later he recognizes, like us, that he sees things that are increasingly spectacular. This is the tape art, which never ceases to amaze us.

For Alex, the tape art is a way of interacting with the architectural and public space by playing with objects, angles and urban furniture present in everyday life. And what he likes the most is the simplicity of the medium, its expressive immediacy and the fact that it’s a very common material.

In his work he uses different types of materials, such as paper, cardboard, rope, ribbon, tennis balls, ceramic tiles, etc … often industrial materials, with all of them he always develops the same stylistic thinking, or tries to transform the visual perception of space through the use of those materials. “The fact of working with the tape arises from the need to transport my way of working in pictorial research to transfer it to the streets and the urban space”.

This is Alex Dorici and this is his work, that you enjoy it.

Collective TAV dismisses us a year very tape


Colectivo TAV is today the most consolidated and outstanding group of tape artists in Spain. Since its foundation back in 2011, they have made arround thirty interventions of which we’ve been faithful followers.

This year that we closed, has been, in his own words, “a year of transition and transformation”. Its components (Álvaro, Nadia and Jose Miguel) have almost as a founding principle of the collective not only to surprise us with their creations, but also to innovate in each of them, that’s why it’s difficult to catalog or see them repeat style and format. It ‘s true that phosphorescent colors and figures or geometric lines have been one of the “brands of the house”, but after meeting MIARCO, the company of adhesive solutions, valencian like them, has made them enter a new palette of colors and range of tapes.

This December they have finished it in the best possible way, doing a lot of tape!. They’ve congratulated everyone on Christmas with this amazing XXXL card on the facade of the offices of MIARCO. With gold and plant bimetallic ribbons, also called scarecrows, they have made their second aerial intervention, in this case to decorate the facade of one of the most well-known neighborhoods of the city of Valencia.

And Colectivo TAV is also known for its commitment to the dissemination of tape art. Today they are doing a report for the best known local TV, they will say goodbye to us the year talking about tape art on the radio and in January they will meet us in a well known bar in the city to talk about tape art and perform a live installation.

And you already have a project for the year that we starts? “Of course! – they tell us – we will surprise everyone again by entering a Museum of the city, elevating the art to the category it deserves … a work of art. ”

We will be attentive … you know we are alwais after you, Colectivo TAV.



Motorefisico and the beauty of a simple geometry

Investigating as we usually do to surprise you, and so we can gather in this web page the largest number of works and tapeartists in the world, we have come across them; with Motorefisico. And we were not just surprised by their name but also their simple way of creating beauty with a geometry that traps you through tape art.

And they got here, as the saying goes, almost by chance. A couple of years ago they made an experiment for the restoration of an abandoned urban area, this place had cement flats and could not paint on it because that would have been illegal. Then decided to use tape in case someone showed up, would see that the work was a temporary installation. The experiment worked well and now the old abandoned place is very popular, and the tape is still there. Unbelievable!

The most notable of Motorefisico, for us, is that their drawings come from the concept of composition of forms. They tell us that they had no model to follow when they began, but over time they realized that we were part of a larger movement related to the design, which is called basic design. They have told us that the basic design is used by the schools of art and design to teach students how to compose simple elements such as lines and geometric shapes. The Motorefisico project has a great affinity with this topic, and therefore gave a conference on basic design in a university in Rome. Way to go boys!

With a coldly calculated and compositive style (this is how they define themselves) Lorenzo confesses that for Motorefisico tape art is a very efficient way to interact with surfaces, as it offers the possibility of drawing at an intense speed and cover very large walls and floors. It can be easily removed and repaired and it is very useful for geometric drawing styles.

They are still exploring and have many dreams and ambitions. One of them is to create a great work with adhesive tape on the inside of a famous museum in Rome. They are closely linked to their city and when they dream with an important facility, obviously they imagine it there.

To get to know them a little bit more and follow them on social networks, these are their links: