Tape art and augmented reality … does anyone give more?

Stefan Busch is an unstoppable tape artist. He’s one of the main organizers of the #TapeArtConvention which is celebrated annually in Berlin and which has expectations of traveling to other countries… cool!. He’s also one of the components of TAPE THAT, one of the groups of tape artists that most move it in Germany … and therefore in the world.

We’re absolutely lovers of their jobs and they never cease to amaze us. They already did it in their day with the interventions in big dimensions, with the works of tape mapping and with the numerous collaborations for prestigious marks. But if we thought that #tapeart was all invented … we were very wrong.

Today the collective TAPE THAT presents: “Reimagine Art“. They have come to show us that there is always a twist and that also in the world of colored adhesive tapes, our world, you can innovate by playing with new technologies, as in this case.


Tape That

They have shared these images of their work with augmented reality so that we can get an idea of the beautiful work and the impressive result that obviously can not be seen in all its splendor until it is there and you wear your glasses, but thanks to these snapshots we can make an idea.

Tape That
Tape That


TAPE THAT thank you for sharing with all your innovations, we hope you keep investigating and we promise to continue communicating your interventions.

🌈 Long live the tapeart !! We have always said it … but now it seems even longer.

✋🏻🤚🏻Do it yourself: The augmented reality is another level, we know, but if you want to start doing your work with black tape MIARCO recommends and offers this range: https://goo.gl/hquSKe