The poet Dante Alighieri resurrects through tape

Wonder. The Italian city of Ravenna has dedicated a tribute to the sublime poet Dante Alighieri through art. The legacy of the poet, connected fully with the contemporary world through its interpretation of the human soul, of the passions, still inspires generations and generations around the world. With this idea as a concept Commissioner Maria Vittoria Baravelli has started since this September until October 23rd an exhibition under the name idDANTE, truly an annual project up to 2021, and the seventh centenary of the death of the poet.

In the event some of the most famous urban artists reinterpret Dante, providing their vision. One of the most outstanding is the collective tape artist No Curves, leading Dante to new unsuspected dimensions. A fascinating portrait guided by the main uniqueness of No Curves: create their artworks through angles and straight lines. They have worked for brands such as Adidas, Eastpak, Talk, etc.

Berlin hosts the Tape Art convention

Great news. Berlin is hosting this October and November the European Congress of tape art under the name of Tape Art Convention, a joint exhibition of well-known international artists who have made tape their main expression. For the first time an event will bring together so many talents, exhibiting the growing influence of an urban art that leaves its mark.

It will also be an opportunity to show the wide variety of styles through adhesive tape, to strengthen the ties between the community and reach a wider audience, with tapes as a flag. With the Berlin’s Neurotitan serving as stage, the program includes workshops, live tape exhibitions, creative duels between artists… and the opportunity for those who have never experienced with tape art to do so.

The participating artists will be old acquaintances of Tape Art Society, massive talents.


-BUFF DISS, Melbourne

– EVI KUPFER, Nuremberg


– JAY WALKER, Philadelphia


– MAX ZORN, Amsterdam


– TAPE THAT, Berlin


Three women TAPE ARTISTS OF WHICH WE ARE (very much) FANS

If someone believes that Tape Art is a matter of men… Wrong! They are more and more women tape artists. A quite egalitarian field in which they all share the addictive passion for tape.

There are many, but we want to choose three of them of which we are (very much) fans. Three references to not miss out on the track so you can embellish in their work…

Kayt Hester
Kayt Hester is a United States tape artist that creates complex tape art images using black tapes torn to pieces with her hands. Figurative tape art with images of nature and everyday life. Always using a very personal style: only lines and black tape. Coming from the “Fashion Institute of Technology” and then became dead nature photographer for publications such as Scholastic and J. Crew magazine. She started to use the leftover Ribbon from her photographic work to create a series of tape work pieces. One day a gallery owner in Jersey City discovered during a meeting, hidden in Kayt’s bag a couple of small works of tape art that she had saved. The Commissioner, quite excited conveyed Kayt to make several pieces in tape art for his gallery. And up to this day. Since then he has presented his works in Nylon and Bust Magazine and is currently spreading her work throughout Jersey City and New York. All the info about it in

Viktoria Sokk
The Russian artist that revolutionizes Tape through careful interventions, in small spaces, demonstrating her thirst for new geometric forms of different visuals. Her work is a total bet by the symbolic meanings beyond actions and concrete images.  In one of her last artworks Viktoria Sokk has emphasized the ‘lines of consciousness’ through which the feelings and desires come together. An art work that acts as a mirror of consciousness thanks to geometry. Total Depth!


Marina Rodrigues

Brazilian reference artist with a six year career dedicated to Tape, expressing herself through geometric lines that give form to main rooms full of authenticity and youth. Just a few weeks ago in Brazil she launched the exhibition ‘Janela da Alma’, joining tape art and jewellery (she is also the creator of them) to slide her vision of urban chaos and the presence of life, the soul and the heart within. Recommend to follow on Instagram.


Good news!

Tape Art will be part the next 24 and 25 September of the International Congress of Urban Art and Audiovisual of Zaragoza, with a very ambitious program that has as main objective reflection on the less conventional or canonical artistic manifestations, and especially all those that fall under the umbrella of the urban art scene. All submitted lectures will be compiled in a final book to amplify widespread.

The person in charge of the presentation on Tape Art will be the artist Victor Sonalas-Díaz, a member of TAPE ART SOCIETY, with a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca with a graduate project around the two-dimensional support as a reference, based on work of the Minimal art and the psychology of perception. He later developed projects such as “Best before” (2005-2009) or “Vertical thoughts (series)” (2009-2012) in which the plastic materials are reduced to adhesive tapes and sets verticality as a structural element. There is also a change in the media and the parameters of composition are defined in a more organized way, less indeterminate in its distribution and in its implementation. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries of contemporary art in Spain, Portugal and Mexico and has been selected for over 70 awards and art contests. Solanas-Díaz has received several awards and scholarships (Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza, Ibercaja, UNED…) and has been part of artistic residencies, like Cal Gras Artist’s residencies, Uncastillo Foundation, UDLAP, among others. He has collaborated in art projects and artistic research with the University of Salamanca, Universidad de Zaragoza, Universidad de las Americas (Mexico), and the UNED. One of his last outstanding performances has been in the University of Salamanca, intervening in a whole room based on tape.

Solanas-Díaz is one of the pioneers of Tape in Spain and a perfect representative to explain the contributions of Tape in Spain. His presentation will be focused on the cases of Street Art and the work of Collective TAV and his own work.





Beautiful intervention of the TAV Collective, the Spanish tape artists who using their tape fill with light the streets of Spain. In the last few weeks and coinciding with the celebration of the Gay Pride parade in the city of Madrid, with the collaboration of Yelp and the district shops, they proposed the transformation of Pelayo street in a colourful scenery for designs with which to claim equality manifested with the motto #LoveWins.

The performance quickly ignited and became an urban hit, sweeping on Instagram and demonstrating the power of tape art to design beautiful postcards, as well as to participate in social demands. The local shops participated in the proposal allowing their façades to become the best place to generate an unforgettable images.