Know, live and enjoy tape art, all in the same day.

The tape art is characterized by ephemeral art, new and very colorful, but also by its rapid acceptance among people who don’t know it for simplicity in learning.
We put a test to Colectivo TAV  of Spain, in a street intervention to decorate the main street at a neighborhood party.

The first reactions of the people were of surprise and amazement. “What kind of art is this?” This is tape art, the art of colored adhesive tapes with which we make murals and ephemeral pieces, “is this going to be here always?” It will depend on people, on the weather, etc. “Where did you get these colorful tapes?” We always work with Miarco, they are spectacular tapes.
After the first hours and once answered all the questions, the smallest ones were the first to approach to work with us, firsthand touch the material and begin to make their own figures.


And how do you think they have managed to fill a street of more than 500 meters with tapes in a single day? The decision was previous, and the Coolectivo TAV decided to make an urban intervention on the furniture itself, walls and floor. They created a series of easy-to-carry dolls so that people could make them and at the same time allow them to fit the different elements of the street. In addition, they played with the colors working by areas until completing the main street. A day in which they ended up exhausted, they confirmed this, but they were also satisfied with the result and above all for the feedback of the neighbors.

Once again tape art approaches all audiences in a fun and lively way.

The tapes that have been used for this intervention are american tapes of fluorescent colors and black and white tapes, all of MIARCO.

Colectivo TAV from València, Spain, reinvents himself.

The group of tape artists that forms the Colectivo TAV (Tape Art València) present us their new logo and web in scoop. Jose Miguel Piquer, Álvaro Navarro and Nadia Montero are the three artists behind TAV, who use the walls of any place as canvases for the creation of their ephemeral pieces that they always make with adhesive tapes of the MIARCO brand, official sponsor in their artistic interventions .

Their interventions are characterized by a very visual style, geometric shapes, and fluorine colors. The group always develops the assembly of the installations in the space in which it is going to be created, since they are ephemeral pieces, they are first designed on the computer and then transferred to reality with adhesive tapes. Although as you know, sometimes there is room for improvisation of this urban art.

It ‘s the first group of tape artists created in Spain about this art more than 7 years ago and its facilities began decorating a coworking space. Their passion and success led them to do work for Museums, Exhibitions, Exhibitions of artists, etc. in just over 9 months. In 2012, the Adidas brand awarded them the winners of the “All Originals” contest that the brand carried out at the national level. Today they have more than forty interventions and are already planning the next one … We follow you Colectivo TAV

With the tape art, flying I go and sailing I come…

We started the week strong, with the help of Colectivo TAV, and with one of their latest street art interventions for a commercial brand dedicated to travel. They have used for the work the adhesive tapes of colors of the brand with which they always collaborate: MIARCO. These tapes are their biggest allies when they considering any work so if you want to know more about them, you can find them on their website.

Boats, sailboats and ocean liners departing from the ports and sailing the seas while riding on waves … waves of tape, of course!.
And light and colorful planes crossing a sky full of tape art, what a wonder! It is a clear example of the versatility of tape art and that with a good design, although apparently it may seem simple, you can create a decoration and a striking environment.

And we took advantage of the Colectivo TAV planes, to tell you about a tape art movement that crosses the skies of the whole world. If you dare with the tapes and want to join the movement, take your tape roll of MIARCO, go out and choose your wall, you already have half.

Now draw a plane with the tape, or two, or three, or four … with its stele with dashed line and upload it to the networks, for example, Instagram, with the hashtag #tapeplanesinternational or tagging @tapeplanesinternational

Menphis style in Barcelona … this can only be tape art!

Today, the TAPE ART bus stops at the Barcelona station to know more about Juan Cris. Juan is a creative graphic designer and illustrator … with everything and everything together … how will not TAPE ART come out of here?!
So it was, in this project that we presented and that we loved from the minute zero, collaborated with Soon in Tokyo Agency , and he made it at the “School of Design LCI in Barcelona”. There they captured this great, beautiful, simple and very visual work with the name of “Memphis Style”.

The Superior School of Design LCI of Barcelona inaugurated a new campus in the city of Barcelona and Juan did it with this impressive graphic work installed in its interior courtyard.

The artistic intervention is within the signage program of the building and was made, of course, with adhesive tapes of fluorine colors.

From here we congratulate Juan Cris for his work and we include him in our list of fellow cool artists.
If you want to know more about him he has many interesting jobs on his website: www.

EY! How to decorate your office with tape-art and make it a funnier and cozier place!

Tape-art is used for interior decorations on many occasions, such as houses, offices, … “Colectivo TAV” has experience with the creation of few of those projects and we are happy to introduce you the last we have been working on: simple and captivating. Give it a try and make your work place a different, personal, charming space… why not???

For the decoration of the inauguration of ESTUDIO 1909, designers have chosen the exclamation: “EY!” which seems to be painted with a giant marker, but no! They have used the yellow washi tape from MIARCO made with rice paper, very thin and resistant and it is the one that has shaped that texture. That is  great, right?

For the bottom part of the studio, they have created a specific typeface using the masking tape, or the one we like to call “the bodybuilder”, which is used for exteriors, also by MIARCO, which stands out at the back of the office in such a height situation, only for its intense blue color, but also for the way of cutting it “on air” which has given that special finishing touch in each one of the letters.

As you can see, decorating interiors with tape-art is another of the important aspects of this art, not just street art or the great works of the top tapeartists which we usually show you. And to prove it, here you can find a couple of other examples of office decorations made by Colectivo TAV.


We hope that you encourage and share your work in the networks by tagging us: Tape Art Society … we would love to spread your art!!!

Cheer up!

Elevate the tape art to art squared

This was the challenge and Colectivo TAV has shown that it knows the formula. In Valencia, Spain, they have chosen a unique and emblematic space for the city. A Museum, the “Center del Carmen”, with a gothic cloister with a square floor plan with four pointed arches and galleries with vaults. It is an idyllic, solemn setting, completely isolated from the street walls where they started.

The colored adhesive tapes as the main material and all the machinery to start the project were ready. But they wanted, as they did in the beginning with the cartoonist Calpurnio in the Museum of the Enlightenment of his city, to associate on this occasion, with an artist. In this case the “joint venture” has been with dePalo, a multidisciplinary artist who plays with painting and collage in equal parts. Paloma Cort is characterized by the unique use of ingenuity in everyday situations.

Well all this: a museum + an artist + collective TAV + Miarco adhesive tapes is equal to the last intervention of this collective pioneer in Spain: “In the museum I get in”.

Dolls of four and five meters high burst into the silence of the cloister and contemplate the works of the artists under the watchful eye of all those who for the first time approach tape art. And it is that museums raise the tape art to a higher category. For dePalo, tape artists “have been like their human markers”, and they have done so. The magic of this union can be seen in the final result.

We are happy to know that they have been very well received by the public and have been followed up in the media. Keep growing and continue to investigate Colectivo TAV because we want to continue being spectators of everything you do.

And here some images of the work and the final intervention. We know that you will like it:

Collective TAV dismisses us a year very tape


Colectivo TAV is today the most consolidated and outstanding group of tape artists in Spain. Since its foundation back in 2011, they have made arround thirty interventions of which we’ve been faithful followers.

This year that we closed, has been, in his own words, “a year of transition and transformation”. Its components (Álvaro, Nadia and Jose Miguel) have almost as a founding principle of the collective not only to surprise us with their creations, but also to innovate in each of them, that’s why it’s difficult to catalog or see them repeat style and format. It ‘s true that phosphorescent colors and figures or geometric lines have been one of the “brands of the house”, but after meeting MIARCO, the company of adhesive solutions, valencian like them, has made them enter a new palette of colors and range of tapes.

This December they have finished it in the best possible way, doing a lot of tape!. They’ve congratulated everyone on Christmas with this amazing XXXL card on the facade of the offices of MIARCO. With gold and plant bimetallic ribbons, also called scarecrows, they have made their second aerial intervention, in this case to decorate the facade of one of the most well-known neighborhoods of the city of Valencia.

And Colectivo TAV is also known for its commitment to the dissemination of tape art. Today they are doing a report for the best known local TV, they will say goodbye to us the year talking about tape art on the radio and in January they will meet us in a well known bar in the city to talk about tape art and perform a live installation.

And you already have a project for the year that we starts? “Of course! – they tell us – we will surprise everyone again by entering a Museum of the city, elevating the art to the category it deserves … a work of art. ”

We will be attentive … you know we are alwais after you, Colectivo TAV.



The poet Dante Alighieri resurrects through tape

Wonder. The Italian city of Ravenna has dedicated a tribute to the sublime poet Dante Alighieri through art. The legacy of the poet, connected fully with the contemporary world through its interpretation of the human soul, of the passions, still inspires generations and generations around the world. With this idea as a concept Commissioner Maria Vittoria Baravelli has started since this September until October 23rd an exhibition under the name idDANTE, truly an annual project up to 2021, and the seventh centenary of the death of the poet.

In the event some of the most famous urban artists reinterpret Dante, providing their vision. One of the most outstanding is the collective tape artist No Curves, leading Dante to new unsuspected dimensions. A fascinating portrait guided by the main uniqueness of No Curves: create their artworks through angles and straight lines. They have worked for brands such as Adidas, Eastpak, Talk, etc.

Berlin hosts the Tape Art convention

Great news. Berlin is hosting this October and November the European Congress of tape art under the name of Tape Art Convention, a joint exhibition of well-known international artists who have made tape their main expression. For the first time an event will bring together so many talents, exhibiting the growing influence of an urban art that leaves its mark.

It will also be an opportunity to show the wide variety of styles through adhesive tape, to strengthen the ties between the community and reach a wider audience, with tapes as a flag. With the Berlin’s Neurotitan serving as stage, the program includes workshops, live tape exhibitions, creative duels between artists… and the opportunity for those who have never experienced with tape art to do so.

The participating artists will be old acquaintances of Tape Art Society, massive talents.


-BUFF DISS, Melbourne

– EVI KUPFER, Nuremberg


– JAY WALKER, Philadelphia


– MAX ZORN, Amsterdam


– TAPE THAT, Berlin


Three women TAPE ARTISTS OF WHICH WE ARE (very much) FANS

If someone believes that Tape Art is a matter of men… Wrong! They are more and more women tape artists. A quite egalitarian field in which they all share the addictive passion for tape.

There are many, but we want to choose three of them of which we are (very much) fans. Three references to not miss out on the track so you can embellish in their work…

Kayt Hester
Kayt Hester is a United States tape artist that creates complex tape art images using black tapes torn to pieces with her hands. Figurative tape art with images of nature and everyday life. Always using a very personal style: only lines and black tape. Coming from the “Fashion Institute of Technology” and then became dead nature photographer for publications such as Scholastic and J. Crew magazine. She started to use the leftover Ribbon from her photographic work to create a series of tape work pieces. One day a gallery owner in Jersey City discovered during a meeting, hidden in Kayt’s bag a couple of small works of tape art that she had saved. The Commissioner, quite excited conveyed Kayt to make several pieces in tape art for his gallery. And up to this day. Since then he has presented his works in Nylon and Bust Magazine and is currently spreading her work throughout Jersey City and New York. All the info about it in

Viktoria Sokk
The Russian artist that revolutionizes Tape through careful interventions, in small spaces, demonstrating her thirst for new geometric forms of different visuals. Her work is a total bet by the symbolic meanings beyond actions and concrete images.  In one of her last artworks Viktoria Sokk has emphasized the ‘lines of consciousness’ through which the feelings and desires come together. An art work that acts as a mirror of consciousness thanks to geometry. Total Depth!


Marina Rodrigues

Brazilian reference artist with a six year career dedicated to Tape, expressing herself through geometric lines that give form to main rooms full of authenticity and youth. Just a few weeks ago in Brazil she launched the exhibition ‘Janela da Alma’, joining tape art and jewellery (she is also the creator of them) to slide her vision of urban chaos and the presence of life, the soul and the heart within. Recommend to follow on Instagram.