OUT OF NEITHER by Víctor Solanas-Díaz

Delving into the world of the meanings of the colours and colour therapy, we have even got to read that the colour black is the colour of negativity and that it brings out the “dark side” of the other colours when it is next to any of them. It is assumed that when combined with yellow, the message that comes out to us is that of selfishness. Curious at least. Thus, Victor Solanas-Díaz, one of the more consolidated Spanish tape artists, and a much-loved member of the Tape Art Society, all said, shows us in his work OUT OF NEITHER the splendour of this chromatic binomial through tape art. Victor gets once again the transformation of space by intervening floor and walls with his favourite tape, the black and yellow of signalling, modified by means of optical effects simple and subtle but very eye catching. There is no equal work of art and similar effect.

We recommend that you drop by the Centro de Historias de Zaragoza from now up until the 10th of September for you to discover and check for yourself how generous this combination of colours is, from the hand of Victor Solanas-Díaz and his tape art.